21 February 2016

Likely Lad Vlad

I was going to say that Vladimir Putin’s been caught 
lying again; well, isn’t it a novelty - like any politician 
with his mouth open the likelihood’s increased to an 
exponential extent, but he’s never been bent then in 
translation by those vested interest’s attempts to tell 
it all again their noble way - c’mon y’ Russian helots, 
y’ either believe he’s a liar ‘n don’t care or your best 
interests are too deeply embedded in the comedy 

Vlad is a likely lad, as they say in the West, likeable - 
maybe, but you’d have to put your common sense in 
an unmentionable place when you take what he said 
as the truth, or ‘version’ of what he’d like y’t’ve heard; 
he’s a complete stranger to veracity - you can see it 
as gospel in ways his mouth deforms around words 
© 6 November 2015, I. D. Carswell