22 February 2016


Me mate Podge does not consider I comprehend 
thunder ‘n lightening - his idea is to hide between 
my feet ‘n nothing I say makes it any better; if an 
obvious suggestion, I am told turn on my hearing 
aides so I can share what he’s going thru; & true, 
a bit noisy, windows rattle, there’re distant booms 
so maybe until it settles down we’ve an unstated 
need to think about shifting rooms and finding us 

a bed to hide under - but is this th’ Podge we see 
a nemesis to any Bureau of Meteorology; doesn’t 
need access to radar to suggest there’s imminent 
inclemency - samples wind vectors, magnetism & 
air pressure, ‘n somehow with that suave efficacy  
belying his tendency to be a wuss - guesses it 

And frankly - it still amazes me 
© 14 November 2015, I. D. Carswell