12 February 2016

Rang Verdant

Believe it, there’s a time when you don’t need th’ 
strains of Country music; & it doesn’t mean you’ll 
not breathe moving to th’ sway of Walmart ideas, 
not given that they’ll actually play on brainpower 
with panache - any more than the rest of a chain 
mentality but we’re too easily dismayed by those 
pictures of a few fat unfashionable and obviously 
badly-dressed shoppers who epitomise what we 

Don’t like to view - so I make a plea, lets not let 
it become a regressive standard that ever tests 
the best in tolerance - there’s a history of grand 
compositions standing free of tawdriness; or is 
that what we left in the aisle when its first note 
rang verdant, synchronous with open spaces 
© 17 October 2015, I. D. Carswell