13 February 2016

That Cleaning

This cleaning caper takes more’n the disequilibrium it 
makes non-negotiable - yeah, you do what you see is 
necessary - usually more than the description entails - 
certainly as view of who’s in nooks & crannies looking 
diverges from said ‘clean & orderly ideas’ - overstated 
to tediousness may we stress because they haven’t a 
clue what’s actually under there; and that is where we 
vehemently ding the nickel because its flaccid crap 

Rat and mouse turds accumulate mostly where you’d 
never look - under the fridge, dishwasher, cooler, etc, 
and because shifting ‘em’s a chore you only see their 
evidently ‘solitary signatures’ out in vacuum cleaners 
territory - so beware! - it’s a salutary lesson in whose 
notions habitually mean they don’t do that cleaning 
© 12 October 2015, I. D. Carswell