10 February 2016

RWC & Celebrations

I am supposed to somehow be impressed with a 
slo-mo replay excess of ‘Boks tries scored in the 
match against USA; yeah, there were a few, with 
64 - 0 being the final score - but Bryan Habana’s 
theatrics effectively put me off more than having 
to watch Charlie Sheen being unforgivably what 
he is; gee Bryan - take a look at how adolescent 
you were, and get back on the planet, quickly 

Maybe it’s relief after a deserved Japanese slap 
to the teeth caused deep-seated anxiety - fears 
that turned into a manic bravado, but make less 
sense in bigger schemes of things; and there’re 
more trials to endure yet, so lauding an obvious 
trashing doesn’t get to ring the right bells 

But then we are probably seeing different ends - 
reputations gelled out of the pool games - which 
means there’s more at stake than a simple view 
equating to expectations - what it tells us is that 
it isn’t over until the last whistle; & so I suppose 
it makes sense to celebrate while you can … 
© 15 October 2015, I. D. Carswell