09 February 2016


It came a day earlier than the plan actually 
anticipated & with explanatory antecedent
not exactly rumour-endowed - or even the 
logical draft, well not for me; as lame duck 
adrift on this occasion, parsing a spoof by 
playing daft doesn’t pay dividends - not if 
you want the day to have meaning; that’s 
what birthday’s are supposed to be

Thus Saturday came a surprise - a coffee
visit supposedly, unexplained just in case 
our two lads were late arriving from NSW - 
it was the way they planned th’ morning; I 
hadn’t anticipated my sons’ arrival, so can 
bless intrigue so clandestinely discrete 

Sunday was to be my 70th birthday, yet it 
arrived sooner than its granted tacit plan; 
but we’d never want to change a thing, in 
reality this surprise decorated space we’d 
recently painted but with greater nostalgic 
beauty than we’d have ever dreamed 
© 7 September 2015, I. D. Carswell