01 February 2016

The Aftermath

This lethargy steers past any idea of awakening 
to a new age; that doesn’t say a numbness that 
dispirits - there’s still vestigial energies left there 
yet to grow limbs enough and climb from pits of 
despair; what we need’s an icon in thinking that 
abets distress from doldrums left living too near 
the rakish edge; we’re not of the celestial breed 
yet we’d float to be freed its meditative space 

So if there’s a contest - perhaps a foot race for 
agile thinkers, we’re into the money again; and 
back where we were, with an early advantage - 
who’s going to complain when you answer the 
trick question, you wouldn’t be here if knowing 
its right response said you’d be free to leave 
© 10 September 2015, I. D. Carswell