01 March 2016

Blue Stilton

Th’ taste of Blue Stilton will make inroads into a 
hegemony - like a statement of what matters it’s 
too easily mistaken for all meanings they’d miss 
in expressing consensus in nods instead of that 
amazed expression this is it! And it is cheese to 
bless for being exactly what they weren’t ready 
to accept, digest, or call a paradigm best suited 
to what matters in their intrinsic supremacy 

And yet, we can eat the cheese as we please - 
there’s no loss in flavour; as far as I can taste a 
worthiness remains paramountcy can’t explain; 
unless this cheese is the authority - maybe that 
lets this case be judge to those ‘tastebud’ tests 
which just detail cognoscente’s blasé nodding 
© 26 December 2015, I. D. Carswell