02 March 2016

Right To Be Me

Even if succeeding you’d be short still of the 
ransom one needs; buying back your freewill 
shouldn’t seem a jaunt in the haunted forest - 
but it feels jinxed doesn’t it - like what’s been 
gratuitously given away has peremptory fees 
affixed for recovery; they’re astronomically & 
ludicrously disproportionate to the trade idea 
presupposing balancing of value for money 

If it was worth nothing how come a desire to 
have it back attracts this value-added indice; 
it’s of no value to anyone but me - or are we 
missing something in its contract’s fine print 
which doesn’t exist except as a corollary for 
which I must pay for idiocy in giving it away

So what do you say to playing a game with 
devil’s-advocacy-freedom to derange rules - 
you attest, I gave it away, now I take it back
first place it was mine to assert or debase & 
no-one exchanged money; so there in word  
you heard me asserting my right to be me
©13 November 2015, I. D. Carswell