07 April 2016


I don’t disagree, but then any view of normalcy 
takes a punt; we read th' Kinsey survey to see 
if what we imagine’s within those bounds - are 
agreeably awed, its not kinky as we’re lead to 
believe; take 'sex' for instance, you’re over 50 
and queried your frequency of indulgence; - in 
answer you select never, a few times per year, 
few times monthly, few times weekly, or daily 

Categories are: masturbation, oral sex, ‘n the
real McCoy; well, we didn't expect what we’re 
seeing there seeming to be so ultra-true - but 
arguments of normalcy aren’t on a thin strand 
credibility either, most people answered to an 
absence of sex, majorities exceeding 50% 

So at least iwe’re th' same normalcy queue 
© 28 November 2015, I. D. Carswell