06 April 2016


You don’t get your money back if you blow the 
gaffe on Straddie - its about as relaxed as any 
idea of de-stressed profanity liberated by your 
reflex reaction t’ being freed strictures of main 
land gallantry - and its only a ferry trip away 

To suggest they’re a bit rustic misses the truth 
of an enclave who wouldn’t give a whit’s worth 
of indifference to any Brisbanite’s view its just 
a sand pit to play in, maybe surf, fish, or stroll 
around and camp a bit - then sail away again 

So what’s the matter with that they’ll say, and 
add a jibe about the sea ‘being a much better 
cure’ than imagined urban panacea; there’s a 
safety in distance rippled gladly with waves in 
a bay interposed between youse and us all  

But you realise what they have in thrall IS the 
biggest sand pit - whether at Dunwich, Amity 
or Point Lookout, and they’re least interested 
in being compared to leisure-phased children 
playing blasé with our unashamed envy 
© 30 November 2015, I. D. Carswell