23 April 2016

Soldier Mates

Refusing to believe that diagnosis attests your 
avoidance of unpalatable reality; oh, there are 
mitigating circumstances and younger friend’s 
life-expectancy pales your objectiveness - you 
reckoned they got it wrong - he’ll outlast me is 
your belief - it lessens pain of facing death, an 
inference your friendship is forged everlasting 
from the fierce furnaces you’d faced together 

There’s great sadness viewing an indomitable 
personality fade away - and the protest you’d 
voice parlays vulnerabilities you’ll never cede 
as a defence - yet John Wasson is gone, and 
the void equates a silent witness to the years 
we’d been bonded close as soldier mates 
© 19 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

LtCol (Ret) John Wasson passed away 17 April 2016 
peacefully at his family home in Heretaunga, New Zealand