14 April 2016


It proves again the theme you’ve been devoted to 
pays dividends but’s always prone to schemes of 
mice & men; dare I say it, we’re bankrolled into a 
bonanza of opportunity f’ getting things done ‘our 
way’ without th’ hassle of a tradesman’s bellicose 
propensity - and yet it still takes half a day to find 
all the tools needed to get started - rediscovering 
‘em hints at new conveniences yet to be aired 

But at morning’s end th’ evidence suggests that’s 
less problemic than where you’ll replace ‘em now 
the urgency’s ended; so th’ vacuum cleaner hose 
hooks are in place and doing the job as intended, 
th’ new clothesline has been threaded in place & 
looks like it’s a real deal that’s properly mended 

Yet tools stay in open view until rationale of who 
gets to decide what goes where - is agreed … 
© 15 December 2015, I. D. Carswell