09 April 2016

The Emptiness

Having failed all too familiarly - not even making 
the grade which suggests this is your niche - it’s 
retrogressive pathways to more obscurity, & yet 
you’re debating critiques; mmm - bit too shallow 
don’t you think, I mean that isn’t the quality we’ll 
remember - he’s making an original observation 
you slated as too passe; now who’s that aufait
if it’s the right term to toss into the game pit 

Surely there’s more to it than the old adage you 
claim as one of your originals - or did you make 
another mistake assuming we failed to see it as 
such; too true we’ll say, as if it mattered - in that 
sense you’re already out-of-character again but 
the game’s passed you by in the emptiness 
© 7 December 2015, I. D. Carswell