10 April 2016

No Diplomacy

There’ll be no diplomacy; hereabouts our idiomatically 
eclectic eccentricity will see to that - so you’re in for a 
ride; to where is matter for more conjecture than an in
-depth analysis could ever suggest; - yes, we’re not at 
all appreciative mind readers, nor trusting of so-called 
motives advertised, they’re real steals either deviously 
copied from disreputable depths, or the best scam we 
have ever seen - and we’ll give you credit for that 

But we won’t be in a seemly rush; fawning for ideas a 
sycophant might clamorously project as the ideals the 
rest of the World has anxiously waited for doesn’t and 
hasn’t ever happened here; you’d never need wonder 
why if you listened to our rhetoric, we’d use the same 
superlatives comfortably unless you twig we lie, so  

There’ll be no diplomacy - you’re not one of us 
© 7 December 2015, I. D. Carswell