04 May 2016


Whether an amazed observer or the true patriot 
what you get is the same pap - served in a time 
honoured way; that it is trumpeted in a hoboken 
facade of demurred reticence only taps surface, 
there’s deeper meaning here - he’s playing that 
charade he’s so good at; but the game is about 
who is nominated to stand for President; will he 
also make a monkey out of that intent - well - 

We would need greater guarantees than a rash 
of otiose and florid-faced campaign backchat to 
take him seriously - yet as the likely Republican 
nominee for President, means a joke deliriously 
ran amok rendering that camp utterly dazed - & 
Media can’t believe its their lolly-scramble luck 
© 4 May 2016, I. D. Carswell