01 June 2016

The New Beginning

So this is the beginning - we’ve reached the end 
of the old year equably - weren’t any dramas we 
had to contend with except becoming retirees
learning what it meant;  there’s no incongruity to 
wrestle a learned pensioner can’t find a hold for, 
we’ve found it better be boldly independent than 
circumspectly distant in seeking assistance that 
really is in being - despite folktales denying it 

And contrary to popular opinion a system which 
goals itself on delivering measured effects tries 
to better the lot of aged pensioners; & in this its 
doing better than publicised normally, we’ll give 
‘em an even 10/10 and use the time spared for 
learning how to achieve our living together 
© 3 January 2016, I. D. Carswell