27 June 2016


The idea of cleaning the grease-trap wouldn’t’ve 
daunted a few years back - easy-peasy you’d’ve 
said breezing into it; but then wasn’t midsummer 
& temperatures didn’t scorch like a forest on fire; 
yet here we are, home again - with this evidence 
clinging like embarrassment stinking higher than 
Hades; when we came back why didn’t we think 
of this - an unexpressed question burning tips of 

of tongues wracked with the indecency; oh yeah, 
would’ve been less ordeal - more a homecoming 
rite of passage, where we earned our right to the 
pleasure of being in our hacienda; but them’s th’ 
breaks we’re left with - so it’s plug away at what 
ever it takes to get the system flowing again … 
© 12 January 2016, I. D. Carswell