26 June 2016


Call it penchant-to-be-one-rung-better personality, 
or whatever - doesn’t matter, we see its roots in a 
belief we can do anything, there’s no impediment 
not in singular views you are as good as any who 
ever did it; you’re driven by infallible confidence - 
self-view springing from sense of self-worth that 
you’re as good as the best, yet queasiness rises 
still to test each endeavour; its a dour challenge 

You’ll get used to proving you’re human they say, 
a throwback to olden days, where all things were 
in consideration tho in the meaning of sameness
so one didn’t say - that’s not the way to do it for a 
sociability of prudent reasoning; you do it properly 
to be seen & acknowledged with the nod, that’s a 

Sanctioned yes it fits okay - achievement earned; 
but measurement of what’s technical rests warily 
outside sense & sensibility, appending inequality 
reasoned views you are not who you claim to be 
because you didn’t clasp the cognoscenti’s hand 
with the proper grip to prove that you knew it too 
© 2 January 2016, I. D. Carswell