29 June 2016

No Room For Complaint

Well, there’s no room for complaint, we’re finally 
getting rain we patiently waited for; of course its 
probably considered too little and too late by the 
dour farmland denizens whose plans may have 
been thwarted somewhat - but they’ll be goodly 
graced to disport and bear it - while plainly their 
stock will frolic with audacious glee that th’ flies 
are stymied in wet and graze more comfortably 

Then there’s me; while I don’t hold the high and 
mighty priorities of my stockholding neighbours 
I’m relieved too, the rain’s a tonic for graziers in 
true need of new growth at this time of the year; 
they may even be able to bale a bit for a winter 
now only a few months away, if they’ve a mind 

Out here we’re not blind to actual realities - it is 
easy to see what’s needed and provide aid; tho 
suffice to say, we’re of a kind who’ve chosen to 
stay in a space animating freedoms for being in 
intimate harmony with wider nature - & thus be 
freed suburbia’s anathematised mendacity 
© 5 January 2016, I. D. Carswell