30 June 2016

Stemming Weeds

Well, we’re not dying wondering - that idea this 
prickly weed isn’t after your blood’s easily slam 
dunked as a furphy; I’ve bleeding scratches on 
both arms and legs, all trade marks of th’ close 
encounter effect, but we’re winning so far, next 
year there’ll be a lot less of ‘em to contend with 

Of course we’ll have to remember glyphosate’s 
better for debating whether they get another go 
at regrowth, which is assured from severed, un 
-poisoned stems; but I agree, more spreads off 
mature seeds than any other means - so we’re 
halfway there with a spray-date up th’ track 

Yet looking back at a mornings work there’s an 
almost hollow feeling we’d have done better to 
make this a once-only foray - tho’ it’d’ve meant 
a broader plan with greater intent and taken all 
of the day; so maybe our glyphosate ‘back-up’ 
later in the year’s a better way to stay sane 
© 20 January 2016, I. D. Carswell