18 July 2016

Cyber Dreams

Apparently, and I’m not that amazed, there’s a wee 
protest brewing about the change to things ‘Postal’; 
of course it’s headed by a question why’d the rates 
have to rise so high, are there costs we have never 
heard described in 300 years postal history - or are 
we being conned by commercial interests with their 
obverse view we have to pay for what they foresee 
as a means to keep their profitability guaranteed 

The Post has been an integral connect one took as 
a standard of best service delivery, and yet we’ll be 
inheritors of a less than adequate idea the internet 
effectively rendered it redundant; that cyber dream 
is a myth - and we’re already regretting it bespoke 
an indefensibly false belief, unless you’d invested 

And I’ll guess we’ll learn to live less in a walk with 
expectancy down to the letterbox at the gate, and 
more with states of anarchy the World Wide Web 
mandates criterion for competitive efficiency; that 
is if you can believe anything providers say, & it’s 
their claim they’re giving it to us for free 
© 4 January 2016, I. D. Carswell