19 July 2016

Whats In The News

One of those days when one needs differentiate 
between th’ brash blustering of Donald Trump & 
th’ Cardinal Pell enquiry beamed in from Rome, 
unnecessary to say I’ve no stake in either, tho it 
seems we have to home in on a media frenzy to 
placate a Nation’s view we need to keep up with 
World events, or else; or else what I ask, unless 
window-dressed concoctions of importance are 

Relevant tests of whether we ably decide what 
matters on our own merits; like how in hell can a 
dourly self-aggrandising trumpeter of egocentric 
selfishness represent a Nation faithfully, but that 
it isn’t the issue for me, nor whether Pell may’ve 
been deluded about what exactly was the truth 

Crikey, media barons have already decided 
© 2 March 2016, I. D. Carswell