16 July 2016

Finger Of Fate

Even if we don’t understand it there’s still an even 
chance; like, it isn’t challenging our existence - or 
have I missed a nuance, a sleeping in front of TV
kind of intelligence I’m unaware of, or that bent of 
notoriously bartered agreeance arranged so we’d 
never need to be confronted by it’s reality; not as 
if we’d apparently see differences between it and 
any mischance of fate in our worst nightmares 

So where does it leave us - aware but not awake 
I’d guess, more or less habituated to what should 
be a concern if we could see the sign, and if able 
to read it - espy propriety rights already inscribed 
to outside agencies; it hardly comes a surprise - 
especially where the advantage’s been tamed 
© 5 February 2016, I. D. Carswell