15 July 2016

An Agenda

And so we’re again onto a weight-loss consideration 
not that it’s an unusually slewed in-agenda inclusion 
but you await precise definition to accomodate what 
it actually means - could it be an ambit to ameliorate 
less indulgent thinking; starvation, & penal workouts 
spring to mind, with calorie-accounted impacts, plus 
refutation of trendy, whole-food regime claims which 
are harder to dissimilate - but we think not; this time 

We believe girth increase’s directly proportional to a 
control methodology’s laissez faire failing - tho’ what 
goes in obviously won’t break any cyclical doubts as 
much as loss of weight; so we’re making a kilos loss 
& size reduction final and only arbiter; - its so simply 
amazing we believe it is working already … 
© 2 February 2016, I. D. Carswell