24 July 2016

Too Comfortable

It is just too comfortable to let lie - no pretence 
intended, but I cannot consent to an argument 
I’d do better sitting at the desk to write; well, in 
the event - least not tonight; it’d be like a vigil I 
had to be blackmailed by, or coerced into - the 
innuendo being why don’t you take it seriously 
and I do - tho somehow lying in bed writing’s a 
pleasure I’d put before that decorous bearing  

So I lie here - listening to our neighbour’s dog 
protesting about someone throwing sheets of 
iron off a trailer at 8pm; - no-one claims its an 
imposition although it would be hard to tell as 
its half a mile away, but the dog has its say & 
we’re relieved when it finally ceases to bark 

That quiet ascends gracefully brings a peace 
of mind I’m already embraced by here in bed 
so why would I want a desk of ‘circumstance’ 
to justify the recompense of writing free … 
© 3 March 2016, I. D. Carswell