25 July 2016

On Consideration

If I’d have ever thought it would come to this, I’d 
probably have given the game a miss; it is, after 
all, whether you considered a creative penchant 
worthy effect for contemplation. For outcomes it 
often goes against the grain, or against the only 
romp going - that is intrinsically known either by 
playing the rules, or ruling the plays - there’s an 
always-alert hegemony which tethers that roost 

But we’re looking for ‘original’ solutions to boring, 
repetitively ineffectual remedies keeping a status 
quo pot bubbling away - sure, it keeps a mass of 
deadwood off the street but it doesn’t in the least 
touch on its real problem. We’re satisfied for the 
wrong reasons & too easily opposed to change 

The reason we keep up the sham’s because it is 
easier t’ keep similar ideas in the same slammer; 
why not let ‘em free & defeat each other in detail, 
no rules needed - the most innovative’ll fly above 
the mass & see all th’ political pitfalls we’ve been 
stewed in for the last pot’s-worth of a century 
© 1 March 2016, I. D. Carswell