20 July 2016

Waste Of Space

What attests best to this form of intransigence; 
we’re beset by an after-the-event persuasion's 
preference for something we must’ve missed - 
ah ha; I didn’t sense a subtle change, but then 
I’ve been watching Rugby live for ever, and th’ 
arrangement was to share that sort of subtlety 
clubbed with these dumbest ever reruns of an 
outrageously blasé comedic waste of space 

Well I did it - I mean I suffered silently without 
defacing the screen but I’ve yet to see quiet’s 
meaning of assent washed free of prejudice I 
am apparently accused of regardless; there’s 
a notice out for me - I’m the one who jeers at 
what the rest is convinced is entertainment 
© 13 March 2016, I. D. Carswell