27 August 2016

Been Cooler Recently

Its been quite cooler recently - well cold enough 
to make extra layers seem they’re a proper part 
of the early-morning atmosphere; when it’s said 
‘cold toes’ prejudice prospects of feeling there’s 
comfort a-bed & I wouldn’t disagree, so rising to 
a freezing bathroom pragmatically suggests the 
early shower can be delayed later - until need’s 
identified - be it Saturday through Wednesday 

Indeed, it wasn’t calculated deference to water-
saving strategies - we don’t have a town supply 
to get by on - & water-wasting earns no graces 
out here where the creeks are winter-dry; tho’ I 
won’t use that excuse - I hadn’t raised a sweat 
in a week - still yet to get hot & bothered, okay 

And there is the irony; it may just be my super-
dry deodorant astronomically suppresses hints 
there’s something on the wind - or perhaps the 
changed lifestyle thus wins applause this way; 
all I can say is I’m freed by Mother’s edict of a 
bath a week’s considered the minimum need 
© 25 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

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