26 August 2016

Not Alone

For me & Podge there isn’t a complexity in loneliness, 
tho’ not like we’d not miss each other’s company, or if 
it came to that, grieve on being parted; its just that we 
don’t feel it as alone; th’ paths we regularly pace have 
animal tracks aplenty, reminders opining we’re only a 
smidgen of its indigenous traffic, and that is a leveller 
which says you don’t have to see company to be in it, 
and they’re there - believe us, watching patiently 

So yesterday’s grey kangaroo visits, along with three 
scrub turkey’s clandestine wanderings and the spoor 
of four deer say ‘gidday’; yep, you’re not on your own 
because voices and rave music with revving engines 
didn’t cheer you out of Saturday’s doldrums; but we’ll 
take a rain check on raging Westerlies - if it’s okay 
© 28 May 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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