18 August 2016


Well, the air IS circulating, and in the most basic 
sense, cools the skin I’ve bared, although it isn’t 
achieved in harmony with what you’d like as the 
perfect recipe - and humidity reduction never did 
feature in 40 year old bedroom-ceiling ‘light’ and 
fan combinations. But the blades dutifully turn to 
waft air my way without evident complaint - so a 
wee bit of humility is called for, & fondly graced 

If there is a suggestion of discontent it would be 
in malevolent bent of mosquitos and midges; its 
all too obviously opportunity for them to ‘pursue’ 
the good life with panache, & they do, with faith 
to the manor borne - so we’re halfway to what’ll 
most likely be a touché win-win situation 
©15 February 2016, I. D. Carswell