19 August 2016


It amazes me how these backbench gurus of an 
ego-styled indolence - & I almost said indigence, 
but they don’t seem to suffer the lack of a penny, 
manage to become Treasury experts in critiques 
of the Opposition’s budgetary proposals - sure it 
doesn’t predispose advice of vast intelligence or 
enable predictive visions ‘graphically imbued’ by 
subtle clues as to what their agenda actually is 

We’re seeing ‘em earning re-election credits for 
better or worse, but the professed expertise will 
be absent - or worse, exposed as a calumnious 
diatribe after the event, if anyone should care a 
whit and most don’t; isn’t it an election when th’ 
debate destroys all the participants’ credibility 
© 26 May 2016, I. D. Carswell