29 August 2016

Election Promises

So we’re enduring it again - an election to resurrect 
chances of there being a representative parliament 
instead of sure-fire no-win stand-off we’ve endured 
last two times ‘round; the air’s pastiche, redolent of 
bygone ages, copied manyfold in everything - eras 
the Sages sold as extinct & forgotten - but not by a
too-perennial ministerial ambition so gauche in the 
reflection of anything but games of the self-served 

Promises & pronouncements of ‘essential change’ 
writhe with each other in ‘Media regulated’ debate 
claiming the winner will be our Nation; maybe, but 
the only guarantee is politicians at the heart of it’ll 
see bigger pensions assurances - and essentially 
better expense allocations than budgetary relief 
© 23 May 2016, I. D. Carswell