30 August 2016

Fresh Blood

What do you do when the facts plainly speak 
in language you vigorously disdain, & there’s 
no denying a track record to date saying we’re 
in crisis, 0 wins from four international games; 
0 - 3 to Aussie Eddy Jones coached England - 
& trashing in game one of th’ Bledisloe by arch 
enemy New Zealand; so what is State of Play 
of a grossly under-performing Wallaby team?

There’s no panic coach Michael Chieka says, 
I’m just not getting messages across properly; 
ok, then besides you who’s failing in jobs they 
were selected for; we’re being beaten across 
the board in set pieces, losing our own throw 
line outs and our scrums are a dodgy mess 

There’re some players - & clearly old brigade 
so easily identified, who seem unable to keep 
up the pace, yet they still get to run on like it’s 
a null prospect fielding a representative team 
without them - & yet claiming their experience 
compensates is off beam unless it’s for losing 

We’re needing a miracle to survive th’ current 
International series with any grace; we’ve yet 
to face both South Africa & Argentina - altho’ 
dealing with the rampant Kiwis is 1st priority - 
maybe by deflating Chieka’s ego of in saying 
he needs to get fresh blood out on the field 
© 27 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

Written prior to Bledisloe Game 2: 

Wallabies 9 - All Blacks 29 

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