22 August 2016


None-the-less I won’t be coyly shy or digress from 
telling my version - gee, even if you only write in a 
prone position, the perspective doesn’t lie attuned 
to flat terrain, there are tors and crags as freely as 
you’d expect in Highlands with well-met distances 
between the imagination and what you’re actually 
seeing - so there - don’t tell me what I’ll see - I am 
all ears for what comes betwixt ranked possibility 

So I didn’t mean to needlessly ruffle your feathers, 
its an outlook which crafts me a little differently - if 
that’s the right word; maybe I obey instincts that it 
engenders rather than think myself into existence, 
I know it sounds a strange and effacing complex - 
yet it lets me get on with being who I actually am 
© 16 March 2016, I. D. Carswell