23 August 2016

Treasure Hunt

Hardly a chore indeed, but where the pleasure 
assures you’ve the measure of its meaning - a 
wee treasure hunt, with the prize a bevy of foil
-wrapped easter eggs hidden carefully to eyes 
already adapted to the frolic, we’d certainly be 
entertained; in the gathering we’re guaranteed 
a success that is hedonistic gratification - if it’s 
sensuous in the eating to some - then so be it 

But my friend Frederick’s taste wasn’t t’ be his 
motivation for the chase; - finding the beasties 
took first place, then judicious wrap-unpeeling, 
& hand-rendering the eggs to pulp made it an 
enjoyable occasion - he leaves the chocolate 
to a fate only being an easter bunny relieves 
© 27 March 2016, I. D. Carswell