03 August 2016

Pipers Tune

If you’re caught up in the nub of it I’d guess 
there’s a sense of obligatory recompense - 
or is it a way of saying you feel need to vet 
nice things about whatever passes the eye 
of your purview - after all, it was you who’d 
created the page in the first place; not as if 
you’d’ve expected it to see th’ Cafe Set out 
and about in your domain - not seriously 

But here you are inundated with everything 
you could imagine besides poetry; its really 
bizarre there’s more than bargained for - or 
did you pay a Piper to ‘haw’ verse for those 
who remember the tunes you’ve rhythm to - 
vaguely you’d say, sure - but only vaguely … 
© 2 March 2016, I. D. Carswell