04 August 2016

Cacatua Galleria

I’ve reached th’ confused conclusion our LNP, god 
bless ‘em, ‘ave been infused & bred from raucous 
flocks of sulphur crested cockatoos; either Liberal 
&/or National they’ve nonetheless partied together 
in th’ frenzied urbanity of their own blessing - with, 
need I say a treed cockatoo standing guard off to 
a safer side - & despite it - pride ‘em selves as th’ 
shadily true blue stuff all politicians are made of 

Crikey, should we tell ‘em those cockies are white 
with the crest hued yellow; - come to think of it, no 
need, they’d dispute it in th’ same feral screeching 
their forebears use t’ decide what th’ flock’s gonna 
do, before a manic wingbeat-flourishing departure 
of flamboyance ace fighter-pilots try to emulate 

Well, in that respect they’re unique - so I suppose 
we will have to learn to believe in and accept that 
it’s a case of a native Cacatua galleria in-camera
behaviour as species-protected by a team whose 
‘as profuse etiquette’ rings alarms each time they 
flock together noisily to debate - and then feed 
©18 February 2016, I. D. Carswell

LNP: Liberal National Party