15 August 2016

Shelley Beach

Really don’t mind the trip to Shelley Beach, its 
quite accessible and easily unique despite the 
suburban indemnity - in fact there’s the rub so 
to speak, it’s one of the few to which dogs are 
allowed - under proper control of course - tho’ 
we’ve never seen anything but these satisfied 
and very well-mannered canines disporting in 
an atmosphere of cooperative agreement 

Couldn’t say it for all people who congregate - 
not everyone’s a dog owner - but a moot point 
anyway - the sea always has the final word as 
an arbiter of indifference - there’s room for the 
magnificence to naturally inoculate all equal - 
plus the rocky-beach sounds to cleanse away 
dissonance of echoes odd to a sea’s blessing 
- and that is precisely the reason we came 

© 10 November 2015, I.D. Carswell

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