16 August 2016

Woodford On Saturday

A not-to-be-refused Saturday - yeah, we know 
they come around regularly, and sure, that’s a 
bonus you’d usually depend on - but because 
we’ve planned a Library trip rather than an in-
vogue visit to CC’s bakery along with the mob 
who randomly park their motorcycles out front 
and sip coffee, we’ll quietly sidle past a scene 
so grotesquely domesticated its almost funny 

Okay - Woodford Village on Saturday morning 
is th’ place where passionate motorcyclists go
to parade their shiny beasts, a decorous ritual 
which I’d guess has been going on for years - 
they habitually travel together in large groups
and congregate quietly at CC’s, which in itself 

Is amazing given a panoply of noise stridently 
accompanying their arriving and leaving; if an 
occasion needs a unique signature, there it is 
in stereo; altho’ the locals don’t usually bat an 
eyelid, they’ll winge a bit if IGA’s parking lot is 
unduly Harley Davidson compromised 
© 13 February 2016, I. D. Carswell