13 August 2016

The Same Game

So, am I supposed to be pleased - or un-amazed, to be 
seen a supporter of the winning team; in the Sydney 7s 
it was a case of The Wallabies nearly; although close a 
nail-biter which suggests it clearly wasn’t their day, and  
yet an anticlimax - less the registered interests, if you’d 
believe the Media’s claim to impartiality & which I don’t, 
but yet, at end, the All Blacks displayed exactly that we 
would have wanted to see - had we won, their humility 

Maybe we’ve a way to go yet to get to where th’ sport’s 
what matters - or am I preempting societies growth in a 
direction fettered with self-interest - if it’s before an odd 
reflection we’re on the same team - without recourse to 
an arbiter deeming the behaviour redeems itself if, and 
only if, we’re reasonably playing the same game 
7 February 2016, I. D. Carswell