12 August 2016


In this genesis you’ve no choice but to be 
their fireside patsy suited best to grinning 
while bearing it; as far as you can tell the 
scene isn’t discriminated as either for, or 
against, your presence; but it’s a fireside, 

and that is a comfort - if only in the sense 
seen best in a glowing warmth of firelight, 
so you don’t buck the trend - while you’re 
not sure yet whether a guest - or their kin 
so far you’re quite content to just enjoy 

and then you let this realisation begin its 
transcendent effervescence, you’re here 
because you want an encumbrance-free 
contemporaneity - one letting you fit into 
the glow of its reason for being 

so here at the fireside you’re born again 
©7 February 2016, I. D. Carswell