01 August 2016

The Wee Nuts

We agree it’s the smallest we’re ever seen, even 
took pictures to preserve the memory; so what if 
we plant it - should it grow a smaller macadamia 
tree producing miniature nuts - or be normal like 
its parent, with a mixed-sizes trend in any clutch 
of fruit such there’s always an amazing range to 
amusingly entertain avid nut-gatherers; tho from 
a rational view, it guarantees a few nuts remain 

There’s always a rash of new growth around the 
truck of a tree, so maybe its a genealogy th’ wee 
nuts too tiny to be considered worth the effort of 
harvesting have perpetrated; well all we have to 
do is wait and see, if we’ve th’ patience, & belief 
in trust to selfless Nature’s unending progress 
© 4 March 2016, I. D. Carswell