31 July 2016

Rise of the Pariah

So, when you think you’re gainfully onto it, the bag 
of shit bursts; instead of using those disconnected 
expletives, you shriek did y’ see that! - irony here’s 
no-one’s in earshot, nor do they care or give a rats 
in any case - its your bailiwick and you’d better get 
used to it. And that’s the measure of your informal 
placement as technical guru for th’ home web that 
brewed up, crapped mightily, and then died again 

Yet there’s a good reason the trouble rests only in 
one place - right where you made the discoveries
there’s no technical explanation why your internet 
connect & the network ever worked first place - or 
why it persists playing laptop ball with a MacBook 
Air - but in no civilised way with a big iMac; - golly

A long vilified laptop’s thus no-longer th’ pariah in 
debt - & that puts the cat amongst the pigeons … 
© 27 February 2016, I. D. Carswell