07 September 2016

Almost Suggests

The morning shopping trip and Library visit almost 
suggests we’re on top of it - whatever that means; 
my better decipher would say ‘being a pensioner’
which isn’t only obvious yet oblivious to any of the 
auto-suggestions there is a category-set of unique 
behaviours we need comply with; holy shit, a blink 
or be blanked blip to bide - as honourable citizens 
we’re supposed to be astride this already 

Well damn me, I didn’t do an instructional course - 
just obviously aged into th’ same sort of corner as 
th’ motliest crew y’d ever see that side of a stage; 
its only an act, isn’t it, you challenge, we’ve a real 
role to play as Senior Citizens - y’ know, advisors 
and such to younger generation’s better interests 

Their indisputable reply is - belay your blathering - 
you didn’t heed your seniors on their reaching the 
golden age - and, geeze - neither did we … 
© 24 March 2016, I. D. Carswell