06 September 2016

Drop-In Territory

If there was ever a World Cup for cow-pats I’d bet 
this fella’d make a muted statement; I’m not being 
banal alleging its th’ largest I’ve seen - remember, 
it’s from a farm-boy who cleaned th’ cow bail after 
each afternoon milking stint - ‘n cursing the ladies 
for such defacing didn’t rate much attention, not if 
you’re a dairy cow anyway, and yet there’s sense 
suggesting th’ quality of the feed had a hand in it 

So I’m pleased the herd dines gourmet - and then 
effects strategic placement of a ‘vote of thanks’ as 
evidence they reckon we appreciate - & yet again, 
I may be over-reacting; from the hill gate as far as 
the eye can see is a polka-dotting of droppings - it 
is where the bovine beasties like to park for a bit 

And thus mark it so, apparently we need know its 
considered to be their drop-in territory 
© 29 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

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