11 September 2016

Green Ball Mandate

If it takes the view of a five-year-old to make inroads 
into a nonsense of unease tolerated we’re bathed in 
glory; & she says hiding under a bed, why brush my 
hair - oh, you won’t find the brush either; I don’t care 
if it looks messy - this is me as I am, where I’m most 
comfortable; swinging upside-down’s th’ best way to 
obtain perspectives you leave unacknowledged - or 
miscalculate as ordinariness in introverted versions 

There is luxury in her appraisal which stays rancour; 
you have to laugh, any brushing’ll be debilitated and 
within nine minutes she’s proved her case - then her 
leading disciple says ‘hey, gimme the pill’ - because 
it’s a serious contest of wills he’ll win if he can get a 
humourless bite on her green ball mandate 
© 7 April 2015, I. D. Carswell