17 September 2016


Its a situation where the Peace we’d gotten used 
to disappeared into thin air; &, so here we are, in 
quandary of why Donald Trump images makes it 
even worse; how on Earth a megalomaniac such 
as he is has this egocentric and irksome power t’ 
cross boundaries or create them - even if they’re 
irrelevant to anyone but his rabid imagination, or 
is that the actual potential he infuses anyway 

But the queasiness doesn’t dissipate by channel 
changing, hiding on the Internet or arranging the 
schedule you’d long determined ignore before a 
holistic revelation its empty of relevance anyway; 
so, what was it giving magnification to, so-called 
alterations of a bygone status quo you’d never 

Seen as an equilibrium in the first place … 
© 6 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

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