01 September 2016

Not Via Me

I need to retrain myself - that old expression of 
letting things bide suggests bigger messes yet 
that wont be easy to progress beyond - back a 
ways it was the done thing, meaning you went 
with the flow and learned to adapt - somehow; 
but there’s a growing air of anarchism now - & 
mind-changing mood, suggesting none hence 
has the right to impose upon and govern you 

Unless it is your idea first place; so - hey, you 
confess ownership expressed with patronage 
representing the right to be left on your own - 
now set it up there on th’ pedestal you say, I’ll 
be here, making a play for space to be me in, 
y’all can be whoever y’ want - but not via me 
© 14 May 2016, I. D. Carswell