02 September 2016

Making A Play

Making a play for th’ game or th’ sake of it won’t 
work or be safe; you’re barely essential anyway, 
anyone with eyes sees it isn’t your idea, that it’s 
too far away fancy to be one of your penchants 

there’re millions better placed exonerations than 
any you might’ve contemplated and they’ll make 
much more sense; it isn’t their quality or who’d a 
stake in it - just pretence of what you’d forsake 

so agree it has merit - support th’ damn scheme
heartily - if there are impediments - and you are 
aware of ‘em, grin & bear it - say only the words
that need to be said - and get into gear & save 

standing aside insisting it’d have failed no matter 
what was done by who won’t win th’ confidences 
sorely needed where intransigence bled you dry; 
the transfusion has to be you or of your sacrifice 

 - oh, and yes, 

we’re formally aware there are no accolades for 
the state of being associated, that’s the price of 
partnership; you must share the kudos grandly - 
and absorb shame without rancour; so be it, fair 

& square - climb aboard, the crew’s just two - 
you and I 
© 15 March 2016, I. D. Carswell